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USED Challenger Belt Drive 105mm + Front Lights and Riptide Bushings

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This ONSRA Challenger Belt Drive with 105mm Cloudwheels, front Lights, riptide Bushings is brand new and was sent to the USA to be ridden by our CEO Fabian Doerig. Check out @onsraca on instagram to see more photos or watch the uphill video on the ONSRA YouTube channel. 

This board has 225km or 139miles and comes with ONSRA's normal 2-year warranty. 

The remote is scratched and definitely older than 225km. Of course the remote also comes with our normal 2-year warranty. 

Please check all other product relevant specs here: https://onsracalifornia.com/collections/onsra-challenger/products/onsra-challenger-belt-drive