150mm All Terrain KIT

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  • AT Hub x4
  • 6" (150mm) Street Tires (Black) x4
  • 60T Drive gear x2
  • Belt Covers x2
  • Pulley Bearings x8
  • Belts 335 x2
  • CHALLENGER Kit only: Riser Pads
  • CHALLENGER Kit only: Longer Screws

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        Tony T.
        United States United States
        Surprisingly great!!!

        So I initially placed an order for the 175mm (7 inch) AT kit but come to find out they were not ready to be sold just yet. Super bummed out cause I can only imagine how much better the 175mm wheels will be after trying out the 150mm. I had to settle for the 6 inch kit with 60T pulley. I am about 160lbs and this set up is phenomenal for acceleration, breaking, hill climbs, I can get up to 33MPH on a full charge in mode 3 on flat surface) Typically I cruise in mode 2 at 24-25MPH. The wheels are super grippy and makes you feel like you can take corners going 20+MPH which I do when I sk8 multi level garages in my area. The only downside to it is you’ll lose out on range, a tremendous amount of range. I use to get 20+ miles on 1 charge running the 105 cloud wheels. I’d be lucky to get 10 real world miles with the 60T 150mm combination. Not sure if it’s my battery or what but I have less than 300 miles on my board and am now experiencing battery sag a few Miles in on a full charge. This never happened before and it didn’t start till I changed out the bigger pulleys and wheels. Maybe it’s coincidence? I’m sure Onsra will get me taken care of as they always have! Best customer service hands down. These guys really do care about making things right and always have been responsive. Should you buy the AT Kit for your Onsra? If you want a faster board, be able to ride in the streets, up a mountain, or just want overall comfort then this kit is for you! I own 4 sets of wheels for my Onsra and this AT Kit is by far my favorite. You won’t want to ride anything else other than pneumatic wheels after you’ve given them a try. Definitely a game changer.


        Hey Tony, thanks for your long and honest review on our product !

        Charles H.
        United States United States
        Most Comfortable Ride

        Pneumatic wheels give the best ride of any wheel by far. However they take a bite out of range. Also the belts are louder using them.


        Hey Charles, Thanks for your comment! Yes this is the compromise with those wheels! Really soft and comfortable but you loose a little of range.. Enjoy your rides